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The Dos and Don’ts of Roof Decorating

January 4, 2023

After speaking with members of our community and answering numerous questions about roof decorations, we've decided to comprise a dos and don'ts list when it comes to decorating your roof or lawn for any holiday or special occasion.

DON’T… let hazards near decorations

Ensure your decorations out of harm’s way and are both safely secured and placed in a safe place. For example, keep inflatables away from both hot chimneys and electrical lines to prevent fires. When hanging string lights, ensure they’re not tangled together with other items on the roof and place them away from tree interference.

DO… tie down inflatables

Regardless of if placed on the ground or the roof, inflatables need to be secured properly. If using them on the roof, tie them down with twine or clips. For best security, don’t put inflatables on roof slopes steeper than 45 degrees.

DON’T… put weight on your gutters

Avoid putting any weight heavier than a single string of lights on gutters. If you put anything heavier or larger, doing so will likely damage the gutters and pull away from the fascia due to the excess weight.

DO… plan a layout for your design ahead of starting

Before you decorate, take inventory of your decorations, and organize them by size and weight. The largest and heaviest items belong on your lawn rather than your roof to avoid potential accidents and roof damage. Planning ahead of time where to place your decorations ensures they’re where they can be both properly secured and not cause a safety concern.

DON’T… staple anything to your roof

Even if you think you need to, never use staples when decorating your roof. They simply won’t work on certain roofing materials, like metal roofs, and can cause extensive damage on other roofing systems. Not to mention, staple guns have a high risk of injury. Regardless of what type of roof is on your home, better options exist over staples in this situation.

DO… use clips or zip ties to adhere lights and decorations to your roof

Most clips, hooks and zip ties made for holiday décor are removable and leave zero trace of application when used correctly. Attach lights to gutter lips or underneath shingles for an easy removal without harm to your home.

If you need advice when it comes to your roof, contact the experts at Florida Roof Masters to ensure your holiday is both safe and fun this year.