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Security Of Metal Roofs

November 18, 2019

Metal Roofing offers some of the best security for your home, when comparing to other roofing products today.  

Did you know, that even the lighter 29 Gauge Metal Roofing Material offers a 30% increase in your home security and 26 Gauge offers a 60% increase in security for your home against the weather conditions.

We even offer a 24 gauge metal with our Standing Seam Metal Roof systems. We can provide wind mitigation testing on the Metal Roofing material we use from 140 mile per hour wind rating to a 210 mile per hour wind rating, depending on which roofing system that you are interested in.

Which roof system that you are selecting, will make a difference on how the Roofing product is installed. For example, some metal roofing systems are exposed fasteners where you will see the fastener heads if in close proximity to the roof.  

There are other metal systems with concealed fasteners such as Standing Seam. There are also metal systems that now are installed using a state of the art 2 part epoxy system called Stealthbond, without the fasteners.

Florida Roof Masters, LLC is also a certified Stealthbond dealer and installer.  

With the Florida Product Approval Engineering and the Manufacturer’s Recommendations on the material used, it will have the details on the proper installation methods and which products and accessories are recommended by the manufacturer for a proper roof installation. With this testing and installation method a properly installed Metal Roof secures your home to be able to better withstand the harsh conditions of Hurricane Season in Florida.

The Metal Roofs we offer are also impact resistant, hail resistant, and mold resistant.  

We also only use Lifetime fasteners with all of our exposed fastener systems to insure a Lifetime Metal Roof. These fasteners come with a 25 year rust warranty, better threads, a better type of washer setup, and a zinc and aluminum coated cap. This is a much better fastener for the long haul than the average metal roofing screws offered today which can add a large piece-of-mind for any homeowner.

Using Metal Roofing not only offers the added security for your home, a properly installed metal roof will also bring out the beauty and aesthetics of a Metal Roofing system on your home for years to come with over 20 colors to choose from and lots of different styles.  

When it comes to installing a new metal roof make sure to hire someone capable and qualified to do the job for you.

We are a fully licensed and insured State Certified Roofing Contractor. We are also certified through our metal roofing supplier to properly install their products.

We are one of the few Roofing Contractors that can offer a NDL “No Dollar Limit” Warranty on a metal roof for you.  

Knowing the job is done right will add to the sense of security for your roof.