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5 Tips for Holiday Roof Safety

November 28, 2022

With the holidays on their way, many homeowners are gearing up to decorate their homes with lights and décor. Regardless of the level of your display, keep these safety tips in mind as you maneuver your roof both putting up and removing seasonal décor.


Follow Ladder Safety

On a mild temperate day, remember to follow standard ladder safety rules while setting up decorations on the roof. This includes firmly planting the ladder on even ground while always maintaining three points of contact to ensure the ladder is stable to climb. If you’re going to be hanging lights and other decorations on your roof, make sure that you are using the right ladder for the job. A ladder that is too short will not give you enough reach, while a ladder that is too tall may be unstable.


Have a Spotter

Whether you’re cleaning out gutters, inspecting shingles, or putting up holiday roof decorations, always have someone spot you from the ground.  Should anything happen while you’re decorating the roof, your spotter can ensure your safety.


Tie Down Decorations

If you’re using any type of holiday decoration that is not secured to your roof, make sure to tie it down or clip it securely. This includes things like garland, wreaths, and holiday flags. Zip ties or other fasteners are great tools to ensure decorations stay put. Regardless, secure your decorations to your roof for not only your roof’s safety, but your family’s, too. Wind can easily whisk away lightweight decorations, so it’s a good idea to check on holiday décor regularly during high winds.

Don’t Overload Outlets

Above all else, ensure you’re using extension cords and outlets designed for outdoor use. Only use three sets of standard lights per extension cord to avoid overloading it. Also, keep yourself, your ladder, and your decorations plenty far away from power lines at all times when decorating the roof.


Double Check Lights

A tedious task is checking your lights bulb by bulb on each strand to ensure they’re not only lit, but intact. By doing so, you can ensure nothing will spark. Investigate each strand for frayed wires, cracks in the bulbs, or missing bulbs with exposed sockets.  If a strand qualifies for all three problems, it’s best (and quicker) to replace the strand in its entirety. This protects both your home and family from house fires.


A great roof is the foundation of any holiday display. If you ever have a question about your roof this holiday season, the professionals at Florida Roof Masters are your local experts that are always ready to help.