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Does My Roof Impact Selling My Home?

September 9, 2022

Curb appeal is everything when selling a home. To get the best price, homeowners consider certain renovations or upgrades to boost the home’s value. They may also choose to focus on restyling the interior of the property or cleaning up the yard.

On average, the roof takes up to a third of the exterior view of a home. So, it’s no surprise that the appearance, condition and quality of the roof can affect the selling price of a home in several ways.

If your roof looks visibly aging, buyers could be turned off by the selling price or judge other features of the home more severely to accommodate their budget to include roofing renovations. The appearance of a roof immediately sets the tone for how the buyer views the condition of the rest of the home, and a nicely kept exterior inevitably starts viewings on a positive note. Meanwhile, if the roof is unkept and offering low curb appeal, buyers could immediately decide they’re uninterested or that the home is overpriced for its condition.

Properties with great curb appeal get more attention. In turn, they sell fast and at high values because they’re more appealing to buyers. A new roof gets positive attention towards the home’s appearance, while a roof in poor condition has the opposite effect.

While curb appeal will get viewers in the home, the condition is what makes their decision. After the home inspection is complete, the roof’s condition can affect negotiations. An interested buyer also considers any anticipated costs when making an offer on a home; these could lower the selling price. As a result, the condition of the properties’ features are critical to achieving the desired selling price.

Separate from the condition of the home, buyers are interested to see if the home has been properly maintained. Looking toward the future, an upkept home is less likely to develop issues, resulting in maintenance fees. If it appears the home has not been maintained, even if the current condition is good, buyers may worry about problems to come. Renovations, such as upgrades or updates, indicate proper maintenance and may command a higher price. This is especially true when roof overhauls are combined with other significant updates, such as a new AC unit or new flooring.

After a closer look at how your home’s value is affected by the condition of the roof, you may be ready to call a roofer Lake City trusts to assess your property. If so, Florida Roof Masters is ready to advise you on how to ensure your roof puts its best foot forward on the market.