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How do you know if your contractor is legitimate?

August 6, 2021

Making decisions on home renovations is not an easy task. We’re here to help. A contractors license provides us, as consumers, with peace of mind by protecting both parties if anything were to go wrong during a home project like a new metal roof. If your house is left exposed by an unqualified individual during a project, the damages can easily cost thousands of dollars. The exposed roof decking, framing, electrical, drywall, and flooring are just a few repairs that can add up very quickly when it comes to water damage.

More over, If an unlicensed representative gets hurt while on your property, you are liable. Licensed contractors carry liability and workers’ compensation insurance to keep you, covered. Without the ability to pull permits, the unlicensed roofer does not have to adhere to basic building codes and inspections, leaving the consumer at risk for a leaking or unstable roof. Some projects may never start or get left incomplete after receiving payment. The state of Florida has in place basic competency tests and screenings to weed out dishonest individuals. Having a contractors license in itself is your first indication that a contractor is qualified to do the job. Here are some of the Florida roofing license requirements.

📚  Florida Roofing License Requirements  📚

🏅 Pass a State Certification Examination. 

🏅Provide proof of financial stability and responsibility with credit reports.

🏅 Complete background check and fingerprints 

🏅 Retain workers’ comp and liability insurance. 

🏅 A total of four years in experience or in combination with college

Verify License

You can easily check to verify if a contractor has a license in Florida with the Department of Business & Professional Regulation by going to http://www.myfloridalicense.com/dbpr/. Once there, just click the “Verify A License” button to search by name, license number or city or county. There, you will find; licensee details, license information, license complaints as well as special qualifications and alternative names... Alternative Names? I would look into that too. I also recommend verifying that your contractor has workers' compensation coverage as well. Simply go to the Floridas’ Devision of Workers’ Compensation website here at https://dwcdataportal.fldfs.com/ProofOfCoverage.aspx and simply search for the contractors company name and city. Once there you will find a “Proof of Coverage Report” outlining the type of insurance coverage and provider used. You will be able to view policy effective and expiration date. You can also click on contractor highlighted name and see the past 10 years of insurance coverage. Any company claims can also be found on this website. To guarantee peace of mind for you and your family, consider doing the research.

Check References

On top of being a certified and licensed contractor, word of mouth is a go to when learning how a metal roofing contractor conducts business. Reviews from reputable sources like Angie’s List, Google, Home Advisor and Facebook provide a great avenue for previous customers to provide priceless feedback so we, as consumers, can all get a good idea of what kind of company we’re dealing with. Like this 5 stars rating from Home advisor! Click link to see our rating. https://www.homeadvisor.com/rated.FloridaRoofMastersLLC.75210504.html

Replying promptly and professionally to a quote request are basics when it comes to quality customer service. First impressions mean a lot while dealing with a metal roofing contractor. How you’re treated during the estimation process says a lot about how the rest of your project will go once a contractor is selected. The owners of a quality business take pride in customer service and put your needs first. Make sure when you get your quote, it comes with at least the following:



📝Written Estimates

📝 License and Insurance. 

📝Complete Professionalism

📝Offers Financing (adds to legitimacy)

Details like prioritizing punctuality and being completely professional are the first clues of how the entire project experience will be from that point to completion, and even years afterwards. Roofing contractors should come with experience! An experienced contractor knows how to fix the problem because they deal with customers and projects day in and day out. As most insurance companies recommend, consider getting about 3 different estimates. With local competition included, it is easier to compare a company’s first impressions, experience and pricing options available. Avoid high pressure sales tactics. Sometimes when you call a contractor you end up with just a salesman. If your contractor is trying to sell you a new roof or A.C. before they even look at it, that’s the easiest indication you’re dealing with a salesman. It’s also concerning If they do more talking and less listening, or don’t express any interest in a repair and would rather offer you a complete replacement. 

Remember, like Benjamin Franklin said - “The bitter taste of poor quality long outlasts the sweetness of a cheap price.” If you’re looking for a cheap roof, it will most likely come with a cheap craftsman and cheap products. Poor quality materials don’t last as long. The paint systems usually fade quickly and you typically get what you pay for. Make sure and check to see that your contractor buys materials from a quality supplier who stands behind their products with a guarantee on paper. Most legitimate supply companies have a well established website with all the information you need on material specifications, color selections and product warranties. More than likely you can also find reviews on the supplier from previous customers expressing their experience with the customer service and products of the company.

These are just a few of the basics to make sure your contractor offers a quality product and experience. Take the time to shop around and read up on your contractor. Here at Florida Roof Masters LLC we offer a quality experience with quality products, backed by some of the best warranties and guarantees in the industry. Check us out here at https://www.floridaroofmastersllc.com/projects to see more of our project photos. Our products are proudly sourced from Tri County Metals. They have competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and lead the industry in quality materials that last. For more information click here at https://tricountymetals.com/ So rest assured, peace of mind is guaranteed. Good luck!