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Standing Seam? The Original Lifetime Roof.

March 17, 2022

(Standing Seam)

The “Original” Lifetime Metal Roof.

“Lifetime” in todays roofing industry has become cliche. A lot of roofs are backed by a lifetime guarantee, but a standing seam metal roof really does last a lifetime.  From its superior design with hidden fasteners and interlocking trim, to it’s durability to withstand the test of time and hurricane force winds, it hasn’t always been called the lifetime metal roof, but it definitely takes the cake. You want the “coolest” roof in your neighborhood. It’s one of the most energy efficient, low maintenance, durable and longest lasting roofs in the industry. Standing seam metal roofs lock together like a giant puzzle, completing a commercial grade product to secure peace of mind for you and your family.

Not all roofs are created equally. Standing seam Is arguably the most superior roofing system second to perhaps tile and slate/concrete. It’s not all about the material, It’s the interlocking technology of the metal that gives it it’s competitive edge. To get a better understanding of how a classic standing seam roof looks like and comes together. Here is a short video from “This Old House” with Kevin O’Connor and Tom Silva. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNZQKb-4ncI


  Have you ever noticed what type of roof is on your local Courthouse, Post Office, Pharmacy and some commercial buildings? Your local Banks and government buildings more than likely have a commercial grade standing seam metal roof because they know the value of a quality product and can afford the upfront cost that will save them a ton of money in the long term. These savings are instantly realized by adding value to the building.  Consumers also save an average energy consumption of 20%, as soon as the next billing cycle. These instant savings are coupled with long term savings like low maintenance and the cost of a new roof in about 20 years. By then, the roof probably already paid for itself. Because remember “The bitterness of poor quality long outlasts the sweetness of a cheap price.” -Benjamin Franklin. 

  • Concealed Fasteners Allow Thermal Contraction and Expansion

The design of the fasteners and the performance of the interlocking technology on a standing seam metal roof allows the metal to move and flex with thermal expansion and contraction. Did you know a 30 foot metal panel can stretch up to one inch?  This design of its concealed fasteners exponentially decreases the breaking of water tight seals during this flexing process in our extreme Florida climate.

  • Interlocking Design

An experienced roofer makes “hems” on standing seam metal roofs. A custom cut allows the bottom of the panel to be folded over and locked onto the eve of the roof. This “locking” in of the roof is one reason why it holds up so well against high winds. When a panel is installed, the male side is fastened. These are called concealed fasteners because they will be locked under the next panel and concealed from the elements. If some of the screws are loosened over time or not seated properly during the installation, its not really going to affect the roofs performance because they are kept locked away from intrusive water; unlike exposed fasteners that are left visible and exposed to weather. The same type of interlocking design that conceals the fasteners is utilized on the trim, with hems that lock the trim in place. 


  • Fire resistant 

Metal is know for it’s strength and durability. But did you know it’s almost fire proof? Otherwise, extremely fire resistant. Metal is non-combustible so a fire resistance treatment that can wash away after a few years of weathering is not needed. Because metal is so resistant to heat, it wouldn’t be a problem if a fire ember were to land on your roof from a local brush fire. Metal roofs provide substantially more fire proofing than something like an asphalt shingle roof thats partially derived from crude oil.

  • Energy Star Green Rating

Metal roofs help fight against the heat so much, they can save up to 20% on your next electricity bill. The lightweight metal and state of the art paint system help lead the industry in green Cool Roofing Technology.  A shingle roof’s solar reflectance averages around 20%, modestly speaking. To be rated a green star energy roof an SR% or Solar Reflectivity of 25% must be obtained. Some of these paint colors offer 67% and 68% of solar reflectivity. The Green Building Alliance stated, “The most efficient cool roof reflects more than 65% of solar energy away from the building, only absorbing a small percentage into the structure’s interior. Meanwhile, conventional roofing materials only reflect a mere 5% to 15% of this energy”. That’s 600% more reflection! I enjoy exchanging outdated roofs for new metal roofs that will last longer and have a green Energy Star rating that will start putting money back into your pocket right away. 

  • Superior material

We all know metal is known for its strength. Metal panels are a great product to use in extreme weather and environments. The metal is tough, but even tougher with Tri-County Metal’s Max Defender and Coastal Defender Paint Systems that use the Sherwin-Williams® industrial Fluropon best-in-class paint, a highly regarded 70% PVDF formulation. Panels and roofing systems are tested to make sure they can stand up to some of the harshest conditions. Here’s Jeff and Dave from Intertek labs in West Palm Beach, Florida putting these standing seam metal roofs to the test.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKy9VFX6K1k


To protect your home and everything in it, we have a far superior and higher quality metal interlocking roofing system available, compared to an outdated and affordable asphalt shingle roof. Because of the cost and complexity, some residential roofing contractors do not offer the product or have the knowledge needed to install these standing seam roofing systems.  Standing seam roofs can cost almost twice as much as a standard metal roof because it takes far more expertise and time to put these roofs together. I personally love installing standing seam metal roofs because the customer gets a far superior product than the average residential consumer. Here at Florida Roof Masters, LLC. Our in house crews are factory trained and certified to fabricate these masterpieces. If you want a commercial grade roofing system, set up an appointment for a free estimate with your local metal roofing masters. Check out this cool standing seam metal roof (aluminum) we did in our Project Gallery. Our quality products come directly from Tri-County Metals backed with some of the best warranties in the industry. Check out our SS-LOK product specifics here at Tri County Metals, Trenton, Florida.