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Longevity Of Metal Roofs

November 4, 2019

A very important detail when choosing a new roof to consider is longevity.

How long will this roof last you and your family, or your business? Or will it be ok when the time comes to sell without having to replace it?  

One of the biggest comparisons between products of metal roofing and asphalt shingle roofing is longevity.

The facts are simple, one properly installed quality grade Metal Roof will outlive 2-3 shingle roofs in typical Florida weather conditions. The silver mill finish, non-painted galvalume roofing systems we offer come with a 25+ year product warranty, and have been known to span over 50 years of life.

Standard shingle roofs in normal Florida weather conditions typically will only span 10-15 years of life.

A Metal Roof can also be installed by Florida Building Code over the existing shingle roof, if only one layer of shingles have been installed, therefore, lowering the initial purchase cost.

Statistics say, homeowners who wait to replace their roof after it begins to leak will have to pay almost 30% more in total home remodeling.  We recommend considering the thought of a new Metal Roof before your roof begins to fail to avoid these costly damages.

Shingles when failing will be brittle, the Fiberglass will begin to show and tear, shingles will begin to fall from the roof, this will cause leaks and wood rotting on your roof decking and into the interior of your home.  

Did you know that one shingle roof life span is also 10 years short of the Warranty of only the Galvalume Metal Roofing product.

Although a Metal Roof may be more up front cost typically, the fact that you will have to purchase 2-3 Shingle roofs over that time span makes the investment completely worth going with a Metal Roof.

The Painted Metal Roofing systems we offer typically come with a 40 year product warranty...thats right, 40YEARS!

This warranty is against rust, paint peeling, coil defects and etc. A lot of conversation can be had about painted metal roofs fading over time also. With our top of the line Painted Metal Roof systems offered, they also come with a 30 year chalk and fade product warranty. Typically, a secondhand paint system will fade and chalk considerably in less than 10 years.