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Energy Efficiency Of Metal Roofs

October 21, 2019

Let’s talk about one of the biggest benefits of having a Metal Roof, Energy Efficiency.  

Did you know that with a properly installed quality grade Metal Roof you can save up to 40% of your energy costs?  Even using the silver mill finish, non-painted Galvalume Metal Roofing material reflects more solar heat than any asphalt shingle roof by far.

At Florida Roof Masters, LLC, we only use what is called the Galvalume Plus Metal Roofing material from our suppliers, which has a long lasting zinc and aluminum coating, also with a clear acrylic top layer for peak overall performance. Also included is a 25+ year product warranty.  The Galvalume Plus Metal Roofing is no question at the top of the line of non-painted mill finish Metal products offered today.  

Furthermore, using an Energy star rated Painted Metal Roofing system will also help to better reflect the UV rays at a greater percentage than the Galvalume Metal. It will also allow a better heat emittance through the roof keeping your home cooler in the warm seasons, and warmer in the cold seasons.

Most Metal Roofing suppliers have material testing to include a rating on their metal products they offer. This rating is called a “TSR” or a “Total Solar Reflectivity” rating. This rating will give you the total combined percentage of Light Reflectivity and Heat Emittance.  The higher this number is, the better your roof will perform in the category of energy efficiency.  

All of our Painted Metal Roof systems offered are energy star rated. The Painted Metal Roofs we offer also are typically available for tax credits being an energy star rated product.  

Also, did you know that Metal Roofing is 100% recyclable material? Making it a true green product of choice. In comparison, anytime an asphalt shingle roof is removed, it then has to go to our landfills increasing our waste.  A Metal Roof can also be installed by Florida Building Code over the existing shingles if only one layer of shingles have been installed, in turn saving the complete tear off and haul off to our landfills, and a lot of cost to you.  

Metal Roofing is also made from approximately 25% recycled materials.  We also have insulation options for our Metal Roofing systems offered here at Florida Roof Masters, LLC that can greatly enhance the performance of your Metal Roof.  We use what is called a foil insulation that comes with a 40 year product warranty and most importantly blocks 97% of the radiant heat to your roof which saves you money on energy costs.  

Overall, Metal Roofing is a product of Energy Efficiency for anyone investing in a new roof.