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Best Time of Year for Roof Work?

May 27, 2022

Are you considering planning a roof installation or repair and wondering when is the best time of year to move forward? The good news is there’s no perfect time of year for roof work, as each season presents its own advantages and obstacles. Ideally, the best time for roof work is when the homeowner has time to prep and prepare for it.


Scheduling roof work could take a few weeks, especially from late spring to early summer and fall, as these are the busiest times of year for roofers. Though, know that skilled and professional roof contractors can handle roof replacements and repairs any time of year, regardless of season. Consider these obstacles when deciding when the best time is for your roof project.



Though summer brings a high likelihood of nice weather, it also brings high heat. For this reason, the earlier in summer, the better, to avoid excruciating temperatures. If your project gets pushed to late summer, keep in mind the heat may affect the hours your roofers can reasonably work, as well as some materials. Also, Florida gets a lot of spontaneous rain in the summertime, so keep in mind storms could delay work hours.



Cold winters can be a difficult time for roof work, but lucky for us, we live in Florida so only a handful of days will run below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Fortunately, metal roofing does not require special precautions that shingles do in cold weather, making it possible to install one year-round.The only exceptions are those few and far between Florida days below freezing. Metal will contract if installed below freezing, and warble once it expands again. Winter and the holiday season also tend to be a slow time in the roofing industry, so a winter repair or installation could have a possibility of being scheduled more quickly.



After the winter weather has run its course, many roof complications begin to show themselves in the springtime, leaning into why it’s one of the busiest times of year for roof contractors. Moisture from sleet or hail can make leaks apparent, or algae build-up can worsen. The main downside to springtime is the unpredictable rainstorms. Don’t fret, skilled contractors should come with a backup plan if the sky decides to rain on your day.



The main drawback to a fall repair is scheduling issues. As the heat of summer ends and the cool air of winter lurks, contractors can work longer hours without getting overheated and complete roofing projects more quickly. If you’re set on a fall project, just start to consider scheduling the contractors two to three months ahead of time. Hurricane season also could deter projects, sometimes by weeks, so be sure to keep an eye on the weather when scheduling a project.


Regardless of time of year, Florida Roof Masters guarantees we can handle your project. By working hand-in-hand, we can ensure both homeowner and our team is prepared for the obstacles of the season and provide the highest quality of service and attention to your roof repair or installation.