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Benefits Of Metal Roofing

December 2, 2019

Let’s talk about some of the benefits of Metal Roofing.  

Metal Roofing was first installed in the 3rd Century using copper. Since that era, people have tested and innovated metal roofing to an entirely different category today.

The innovations with Metal Roofing today has made the products we see offer more and more in Energy Savings and Performance, Aesthetics, Security, Functionality, and Longevity.

Using different styles and systems of Metal Roofing has made it a product that the anyone who makes the investment can be proud of their purchase and have a solid peace-of-mind for a lifetime.  Whether your project is for New Construction, a Re-Roof, or a Roof-Over, there are many different types and styles of Metal Roofing systems we can offer at Florida Roof Masters, LLC that can be pleasing to the aesthetics of any building’s roof.

As far as energy savings and performance, it has been proven that a metal roof greatly out performs that of a typical asphalt shingle roof by far.

We also have an insulation option for our Metal Roofing packages that can greatly enhance the performance of a metal roof system even more with a 97% radiant heat blocker and a 40 year warranty.  

Security for your home is provided through a metal roof system at the highest level of any of the typical roof types offered today through hail resistance and impact resistance. More importantly here in Florida, sense of security is also added with a Metal Roof through hurricane resistance with testing proven over 200 mile per hour winds on some metal systems we offer today.  

The warranties offered on our new Metal Roofing packages today also ensure a lifetime of longevity and color that lasts ,with 25+ to 40 year rust and defect warranties partnered with 30 year chalk and fade warranties on all of our Painted Metal Roofs here at Florida Roof Masters, LLC.

Metal Roofs are also one of the most high functioning roofs today when it comes to intricate roof lines and designs, a metal roof can be the right choice for you with the proper trim and accessories adapted for almost any roof layout.  

When it comes to longevity, a metal roof is among the top of the list of roof types.  

The initial cost of a Metal Roofing system can also be lower than expected, sometimes with being permitted to install the roof system over an existing layer of shingles in most average roof replacement cases.  

Did you know that a Metal Roof only weighs approximately one-third of that of a shingle roof, which is a part of what makes this possible.